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  • Step1

It is so easy, the system almost does everything for you. Just follow the instructions when you click the link where it says “submite a link”. Place your ad and share it by clicking the share button.


  • Step2

Submit your link, there are no restrictions. It can have a popup, can be an affliate link, a blogpost to recieve backlinks. It’s totally up to you.


  • Step3

The site grabbs most of the information. You may change the describtion and put you keywords in the text. In the Tags you fill in your keywords and finally chose your image. You can upload an image, let the system grab one from your site or chose one of our stock image.

If you don’t like the images given or you just like to get your own. There is a free tool you can use which is called jing.

With that you can make screenshots and get the picture hosted. I use it all the time. You can get it here >>Click!



  • Step4

Submit your ad. Just click the submit button!


  • Step5

Now open the site and like and share it!

 Never forget to share, that get’s your ad indexed!


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