In today’s world, so many people are struggling.  They need a way to be able to lift themselves and their families out of their situations and into a better way of life.  The Daily Freedom Challenge (DFC) is just the vehicle to do that.  For only $0.20, a person can join our community and become financially blessed in a very short amount of time!  Even those that do not have $0.20 will be welcomed and taken care of.
​DFC is here, now and ready to help YOU!

Join with us today and know true financial freedom!







In The Daily Freedom Challenge (DFC), you donate to your Receiver & to your Receiver’s Sponsor at each level.  The amounts you donate will depend on which level you are on.  You will receive 6 donations, in total, for each level.  But don’t worry, this will all be taken care of AUTOMATICALLY by the website!  We have 30 levels that you will reach, and at the end of the 30th level you will have profited handsomely in your Bitcoin account!

To help everyone reach level 30 faster, we ask that everyone purchase 1 to 3 new positions per day, when you are in profit or by adding extra funds to your account.  We do ask that everyone brings in at least 2 people to help us all get to level 30.  You can PIF (pay it forward) these people in so they don’t actually have to pay the $0.20 to get started.  Yes, there IS a one time $0.20 out of pocket fee that can either by paid by bitcoin or PayPal.

The admin account will be doing mass marketing and there will be A LOT of spillover, but we still encourage you to get at least 2 people or 2 businesses who are in need of help or who can help other people.

Here is what the potential of this program really looks like:



Thank you all for joining this exciting program!
​We look forward to a happy and prosperous future!