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  • Step1Signup


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  • Step2 Setup your Profil

Setup your Profile: Go to Account Activity! Fill out your Details and chose a payment processor. Except paypal you can use any. If you need to ceate a new account, below this screen you’ll find some links!



Payment Processors



  • Step3Setup your BannerAd

Setup your Banner Ad – This video will show you how to setup your advertising.

If you need something to promot, this is free:



  • Step4Surf your 10 Ads


Surfing your 10 Ads

This is “very important“. If you don’t surf your 10 ads, your adpacks will not earn you. You need to repeat this every 24 hours. It takes less than 3 minutes



  • Step5Grow by Re-purchasing

How to re-purchase Adpacks from your earnings

This part is important to grow your daily income until you reach your $200 per day to start withdrawing. Don’t misunderstand, you still can withdraw anytime when you have a balance of a minimum of $5.



  • Step6Withdraw your earnings

The Final Step is how to withdraw

Once you’ve reached your goal you can start to withdraw every day!



  • Step7connect with me!

Connect with me on Facebook

This is where you can send me your link for the rotator. You will get FREE traffic and referals that will earn you 10% everytime they purchase new packs.

Once you’ve signed up and bought your first adpack, get your affiliate link and then add me as a friend on Facebook and send me your link!

Looking forward to share success!


Reiner Knapp