Instructions for WESA​

We are a group of like minded people who like to share abundance world wide. You can join us and recieve your FREE entry.

NO, you even get paid to join us!


How do you make money here!

  1. Join, verify email, complete profile and set up your wallet. >>> You just made your first $2
  2. Each day you log in you’ll make from $0.01 to $5 based on your level of commitment. That can be as much as $155 a month.
  3. Referal commissions 2 levels deep 10%
  4. Monthly Lottery! (almost every second free ticket wins)
  5. Read any messages recieved an send as many messages you are allowed.

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Watch the Results of our Monthly Lottery!


We paid out 27,905 FREE Lottery prizes to citizens totalling $166,487.90

Top Prizes for Pools were…

Pool 1 Mahesh Narkar(Mayu7)                 From India                     $ 1,180.48
Pool 2 Josemaria yalan(Chema)            From Peru                      $ 1,317.00
Pool 3 Reyna Calcina(Rein)                 From Peru                      $ 1,926.12
Pool 4 Felix Mutunga(flexx)                From Kenya                   $ 3,422.92
Pool 5 Lillian Gilbert(Cryptolady)        From USA                     $ 7,400.00​
Pool 6 Dianna Mae c. Barbonio(Diannamae) From Philippines            $19,662.00         

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