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As an internet or network marketer you probably know that there are only two types of paid traffic online. Traffic that converts and traffic that doesn’t.

Use the $1,000 in ad credits to jumpstart your earnings without paying out of pocket! Each month, you’ll pay an ad platform fee of only 2.9% (approx.) on any ad credits used.
But wait, it gets even better:
You can get 50% of that tiny fee back when you pay it on time. By doing so, you’ll also earn double revenues from your photos, videos, status updates, and blog posts!
Or, don’t even pay the ad platform fee!
That’s fine too, we’re happy you’re here. You can still use your ad credits without spending a penny of your own money to build your earnings, expand your Circle of Trust, and have fun. All we ask is that you settle your account’s utilized ad credits and fees before spending or cashing out your profits



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